Teens and Steroids 
This made me laugh out loud!

Follow URL for pic:

http://idle.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid ... 04/1532205

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Diving Boats 
Don't do this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0utBfPh ... -at-74-mph

Unless you have one of these:


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Wood Composite Supercar 
Here's the website of some guys from NC State building a supercar almost entirely out of wood!


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The BBQ Song 

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The Zoom Issue with Firefox 
I am an avid Firefox user. It’s truly a great browser, especially after the 3.0 upgrade. One pretty cool feature is the ability to zoom in the entire web page. I definitely like it, but unfortunately it replaced the ability to zoom text independent of pictures, layout, and such. Sometimes I find that for certain pages, zooming-in doesn’t get the text as big as my slowly aging eyes would like. Well, actually I could keep zooming in and hit my target font size but this causes the width of the page to exceed the monitor’s available screen size and thus require use of the horizontal scroll bar.

For a while, the only way to zoom text independently in Firefox 3.0 involved some pretty hackerish stuff that the average user wouldn’t be able to do. Luckily, the Firefox devs did finally add a “Zoom Text Only” configuration checkbox to the View->Zoom menu. This gives me a decent, but not perfect workaround for zooming. I have found that the perfect zoom for my eyes on troublesome web pages would involve a combination of full page zoom and text-only zoom. This is unfortunately not possible as best I can tell--at least with basic Firefox GUI interactions.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind just memorizing zoom-in/zoom-out hotkeys for full page and text-only (a total of four keys). However, that approach is less than ideal for the average user and I understand why the Firefox developers did not include this ability.

After thinking about the problem some, I decided what I really want is a way to maximize the page such that there is no wasted horizontal space. Ideally, I want to maximize the use of horizontal space, but not have the ratio of text line length to font size be too great as this makes it difficult for one’s eyes to track text across the screen. The text-tracking problem is exacerbated by newer widescreen monitors. So basically an AUTO-ZOOM that zooms in so that all horizontal space is used without triggering the horizontal scroll would be great. Once that is achieved, I’d like the ability to resize the text until it’s comfortable for my eyes. Even better would be an auto-text-zoom that tries to guess what text size I would like.

I believe there would be some technical difficulties in implementing the AUTO-ZOOM and would probably require that the style sheets or HTML be analyzed in order to properly calculate the maximizing zoom settings.

Perhaps there are some browser plug-ins out there that address my needs. I have searched briefly, but had no luck. Has anyone found a solution?

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