Rock Beats Hand 
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I find it curious the number of rock stars that have suffered serious hand/arm injuries--several that play instruments. Here's a quick list of those I'm aware of:

Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath) - Lost the tips of two fingers in a sheet metal factory accident. Continued to play (quite well) with prosthetic finger tips.

Rick Allen (Def Leppard) - Lost his arm in a car wreck. He continued to play with a special drum kit.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) - Suffered severe nerve damage to his arm from having it draped awkwardly over the backrest of a chair while he was passed out. This left him without the use of his arm for an extended period. He fully recovered after intensive therapy.

Mike Patton (Faith No More) - Accidentally severed nerves and tendons in his right hand with a broken bottle while on stage. His hand is permanently numb, but he can now move his fingers (doctors told him the opposite would happen, but Mike is weird like that).

James Hetfield (Metallica) - Missed his cue during an onstage performance and accidentally stepped into the range of a flame generator that severely burned his face, hand, and arm of one side of his body. A studio musician had to fill in for a month until he fully recovered, but he continued the tour in bandages doing lead vocals.

Neal Young - Severely sliced his fret hand index finger while making a ham sandwich, damaging a tendon. He had to cancel a tour, but fully recovered. No word on whether he ate the sandwich.

Pete Townshend (The Who) - While doing a "windmill" with his pick hand, Pete managed to impale said hand on the whammy bar. Ouch! Presumably, fully recovered.

Al Green - Poor Al has the dubious honor of having actually lived the "hot grits" myth. The legend is that boiling hot grits is the napalm of jilted lovers seeking revenge. Al suffered third degree burns on his arms and torso when an angry girlfriend poured a pot of hot grits on him while he was in the shower. He continued performing after a painful healing process, but switched to gospel (and preaching) for a few years.

I'm sure there are others!


Sure enough, I missed Les Paul!

From Vince:

In 1948, Paul nearly lost his life to a devastating car crash that shattered his right arm and elbow. Still, he convinced doctors to set his broken arm in the guitar-picking and cradling position.

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