Favorite Semordnilap 

Well, it's actually two semordnilaps. The semordnilaps are from the old adventure game Manhunter: San Francisco and are part of a rather clever puzzle that involves signage on a glass office door at a murder scene. You (the gamer) must realize that you are seeing the lettering from the INSIDE of the office and thus a mirror image of the correct text. Once you realize this, "bAT VOMIT" becomes:


Knowing the correct name, you can identify the victim and this allows you to make progress in the game. The use of the lowercase 'b'/'d' does make the puzzle a little less elegant, but offers a clue as to how to solve it.

Here's a screen capture of the murder scene in all its gruesome 16-color glory:

UPDATE: This "bAT VOMIT" phrase should probably actually be described as Mirrored Semordnilaps, following the pattern of Mirrored Palindromes.

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