Home Depot Fridge Installer Incompetence 
1.) First, the installers didn't turn the water off when they removed the old ice maker water line.

2.) Then they kinked and crimped the crap out of the copper line trying desperately to stop the spray that went all over the place.

3.) Next, they told my wife that the 1/4'' copper line would not "fit" the new fridge and we'd need to pay a plumber to run a new line.

So I salvaged what remained of the existing copper line and used the new compression fitting that CAME WITH THE NEW FRIDGE and did it myself. You'd think these guys would at least get a day of training!

I can add this experience to my long list of complaints about Home Depot including buying a drain snake that was broken and used (indicated by the hair and gunk wrapped around the coil) inside the sealed box. It was apparently returned by a customer and put right back on the shelf without inspection. If you think that's bad, the same thing happened with a toilet I bought that someone installed but then decided they didn't want.

(I would have passed on shopping at Home Depot again, but unfortunately they were the only ones that had the refrigerator we wanted.)

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