Octave on Mac 
I wanted to install Octave on Mac, along with a GUI. I chose QTOctave.

Initially I installed via macports, pkgs octave and qtoctave-mac. This works fine (took HOURS to compile), but the version of Octave was a bit out of date and didn't have some of the features I wanted. I discovered that pkg octave-devel is also offered, which is quite up-to-date.

So I installed that instead. Unfortunately, qtoctave-mac failed to re-install (I initially had to un-install it when I removed the original octave pkg). This failure is because port detects a architecture mismatch due to universal versus 64 bit binaries. However, qtoctave just interfaces with octave on the command line and it doesn't matter what arch is used so long as it runs.

If you run 'sudo port edit qtoctave-mac' you can see/edit the portfile for qtoctave, which defines all the deps. I noticed an interesting line "depends_skip_archcheck". I noticed that octave was listed, but not octave-devel. So I added it to the line (sep by space) and it worked like a charm!

Anyways, that's all there is to getting qtoctave to work with octave-devel via macports.

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