Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Eyes 
Is it just me or does Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have really seedy eyes?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Eyes

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Internet Sins 
Here is a list of Internet Sins inspired by a conversation with Maribeth and Jeff C. yesterday. I came up with more than 7 so this is a “top 10 list” instead of “The Seven Deadly Internet Sins.”

10.) Online shop-a-holics
If you lust after the Bag O’ Crap on then you have a severe addiction.

9.) Auction Sniping on Ebay
...but it's so much fun, and effective. :)

8.) Participating in online dead pools
Too creepy for me.

7.) Online Porn
+1 for obscure flavors like furry porn and/or teledildonics. (Unfortunately for you, sinner, these links are "safe for work" and just point to Wikipedia entries)

6.) Filesharing poorly ripped MP3s with clicks, pops, too low an encoding rate
...err...I meant to say all filesharing of copyrighted material is a sin. :)

5.) Griefing and spam attacks (e.g. Meow Wars)

4.) Not applying security patches to your PC, allowing it to become a spamming Zombie Computer.

3.) Obsessing over social networking sites and blogs.
If you are reading this, it could be a sign you need help.

2.) Mass-Forwarding sensational emails to friends and family without first consulting for accuracy.
Seriously, it's not that hard to do!

1.) Viewing LOLCats.

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Nurikabe - Better than Sudoku 
Nurikabe is a better brain teaser than Sudoku. At least in my opinion. :)

It's from the game publisher Nikoli of Japan (same guys responsible for the popularity of Sudoku): Nikoli English Page About Nurikabe

Nurikabe Entry on Wikipedia

A good place to start out playing online is at:

Logic Games Online Nurikabe (5x5 and 9x9 boards)

Once you get good at those, try some of the larger and more difficult ones at:

German Nurikabe Web Page

Here is a translation to english:

English Translation of German Nurikabe Page

Be warned: This game can be quite addictive!

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Gold Kit 
My favorite online prankster, Rob Cockerham, has a new prank up. He has conducted an "evaluation" of

Gold Kit Prank

Be sure to check out his other pranks:

Cockeyed Pranks

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My RC Helicopter (with video) 
I bought a used Esky Honey Bee CP2 RC helicopter off of my friend Ray at Gatech. I finally got to where I can sort of fly it. It's quite difficult, sort of like balancing a broomstick upright in the palm of your hand.

My first attempts a couple weeks ago I couldn't get it off the ground due to a couple mechanical problems. It had an issue with the collective pitch sticking in a no-lift position and then the helicopter suddenly jumping up as the pitch snaps into position and almost flipping over (scary!). This is apparently a very common problem and online tutorials explained how to fix it (backwards stepped washer). I also had a problem with really strange behavior with the heli wanting to slide off to the side and was near impossible to correct for. This was caused by an unseen bend rod that the blades mount to. I have found this resource quite useful: HeliTown

I got everything rebuilt and then started practicing spinning it up in my condo. I could occasionally get off the ground for just a few seconds. Unfortunately there is just no room anywhere in the condo, but at least I got practice with the controls.

Here is a video of me flying the helicopter in my parent's garage:

I have made a couple modifications to the helicopter including switching the transmitter to left-hand mode (resoldered the joysticks and swapped the joystick centering spring and clicker) and added fuses to the main and tail motors.

I did have a minor wreck shortly after the video. The tail got away from me and I lost my frame of reference for balancing, so I tried to set the helicopter down real quick. Unfortunately, I didn't land level enough and the blades struck the ground causing some minor damage to the blades (and hopefully nothing else). I will probably need to get a computer simulator in order to learn to balance/hover in arbitrary orientations.

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