Penultimate Cookie Mirage 
The Penultimate Cookie Mirage occurs when one thinks they have just eaten the next to last cookie in a bag of cookies, but have in fact eaten the last one. Once this fact is discovered, the affected individual will suffer from significant emotional distress. Typically, an individual must mentally prepare themselves for exhausting all the cookies by properly savoring the last one. Failure to do so results in the perception that the last cookie was "wasted."

The Penultimate Cookie Mirage almost always occurs when one’s attention is divided, such as watching TV or reading a book. In this scenario, the individual is blindly reaching for cookies and therefore prone to Cookie Counting Errors (CCEs). The penultimate cookie mirage is not limited to cookies, but can also be observed with other treats such as M&Ms.

Expert snackers have been observed setting aside the last cookie in advance of when the Penultimate Cookie Mirage is likely to occur.

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Chik-fil-a Skunk Bite 
Chik-fil-a is one of my favorite fast food restaurants. When I go, I always get the fried chicken sandwich (I think the "official" name is Chik-fil-a Sandwich). I'd say the sandwich is consistently good, but every once in a while I run into a problem. I call it the "Chik-fil-a Skunk Bite."

The Skunk Bite is one little part of the chicken breast that tastes just awful, while the rest of the breast tastes fine. The best I can describe it is that it's like the essence of chicken flavor hyper-concentrated into one bite with maybe a hint of freezer burn flavor. It's usually on the edge of the breast and appears to coincide with chicken skin or fat. It also tends to be the last bite of the sandwich, which is kind of a buzz kill.

Whatever it is, it's gross! I don't think I've ever noticed the skunk bite at any other restaurant that serves chicken.

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$5 Cover 
Five Dollar Cover is the best thing that has been on MTV in YEARS. And it even has something to do with music. Go figure. Ironically, I only watch the series online rather than actually watch MTV.

Check it out!

Five Dollar Cover Website

Also, you might be interested in Boing Boing's article on $5 Cover: ... ver-c.html

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Another Exploding Whale 
I thought the Internet was big enough for only one exploding whale. I was wrong.

New Exploding Whale Video
Classic Exploding Whale Video

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Golden Buddha #7 == The Old, Good Malaya 
There is a Malaysian restaurant, Malaya, near the corner of Howell Mill and Collier that used to be quite popular among the GA Tech crowd. Unfortunately, a couple years ago or so, the owner of the restaurant sold it to new ownership. I immediately noticed a drop in the quality of food under the new owner, and I've heard similar complaints from others. The Malaysian chicken curry that used to be so good has this strange, overly sweet taste to it. The coconut soup was equally bad. Ultimately, I just stopped going.

Just yesterday I found out from a friend (Maribeth) that the old cook from Malaya had relocated to another restaurant in the metro Atlanta area. It turns out (s)he is now at The Golden Buddha #7 at Cumberland (next to the Best Buy).

I needed to go to the nearby Costco yesterday, so I thought I’d give it a try. I immediately noticed one of the waitresses that used to work at Malaya, so I figured that was a good sign. The Malaysian menu items are on one of the last pages of the menu and looked very similar to Malaya’s menu. The “M1” Chicken Curry was there and I got that. I didn’t see the coconut soup on their menu, and I forgot to ask if they can make it. The curry tasted just like a remembered it! The chicken might have been of a slightly lesser quality but the dish was still much better than what Malaya currently offers.

I was probably the last person to find out this secret, but in any case I’m glad to have found out now. Thanks Maribeth! If you’re a fan of the “old” Malaya then you should give it a shot.

Website for Golden Buddha #7:

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