Kid Hit by Meteorite and Survives ... orite.html

This reminds me of an event back when I lived in Home Park near GaTech. One day, Jeff C. and I found a hole in his room's wall (2nd floor) that went all the way through the vinyl siding to outside. The drywall was pushed inwards like a projectile came from outside. We found a little bit of rock in the space in the wall. I believe we considered it being a meteorite but dismissed it, thinking a bullet was much more likely and that the rock was from house construction debris. However, the hole wasn't bullet-shaped and we didn't find a bullet either. We probably should have investigated further since a meteorite would be very valuable...

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Favorite Coffee 
My favorite coffee is the Moka Java Blend from World Market. $6 for 12 ounces (whole bean). My wife actually discovered this for me a while back, even though she doesn't drink coffee. :) Iíve tried several different types of coffee and brands, but keep coming back to this one. Even compared to some coffees that are supposed to be better according to coffee aficionados (e.g. roasted within a week or two), I still prefer the Moka Java.

Itís probably the slightly chocolate-y aftertaste that most appeals to me, which is typical of Mocha. Itís not often that I find Mocha Java blends for sale at other stores, but I imagine there might be a better one out there somewhere. However of the Mocha Java I have tried, World Market still wins. If I did find a better one, it would probably cost a good bit more than WM. (BTW, the Moka Java is just coffee beans. No artificial flavors or other additives.)

I usually make mine with an Aerobie AeroPress and ground very fine so that it takes nearly all my bodyweight to press it. I otherwise follow AeroPressís Americano instructions, then add a little milk.

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Biscuits or Biscuit? 
I am surprised to find that "biscuit" is acceptable for the plural of one biscuit (according to Merriam-Webster). For instance, "I'm going to cook up some biscuit to go with the country ham and red-eye gravy." I think I'll switch to that form. :)

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Pandora Handheld Linux (Gaming) Computer 
Wow, I hadn't heard of the Pandora Handheld Open Source Linux Computer before. It's an ARM-based, game-centric clamshell handheld computer. It looks really cool. Maybe I'll grab one in the second production run.

In addition to being able to run emulators for various classic gaming systems, it is also a fully functioning computer and will be able to run FireFox and other apps. It has WiFi and should also be able to be tethered to a cell phone. Pretty sweet!

I wish it had built-in cameras. Then it might be useful for some research projects at GaTech. I guess USB cameras might still be doable...

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New Monkey Island Games 
I just found out some new Monkey Island games are coming out. Yay! ... -To-Return

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