Prank #3: The Flagpole 
Another prank that Leon accomplished was back when he was in high school. I like this one because not only is it pretty funny, but it also involves a teacher from my high school before he moved to my high school years later (at least I’m pretty sure).


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Prank #2: Brokeback at ABAC 
The old “pencil lead in eraser” prank I mentioned earlier got me thinking about a college buddy who is a reformed prankster himself (and will remain anonymous to protect the innocent and guilty alike :) ). He participated in a quite a number of hilarious pranks that he told me about. However one prank in particular really stood out as truly epic. This one deserves a bit of set up for the full effect. I must apologize for the length.


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Grade School Prank 
A grade school friend of mine and I used to avoid paying attention in high school by passing notes and drawing comics. I came across this note in our scrap book:

You remember that day in Computron [computer science*] class that you broke lead in my eraser? You said "One day in class you'll be erasing and you'll end up with pencil lines all over your paper."

Well, of all times, that trick decided to work during [my] quiz.

I forgot how great this prank is. :) It continued on through the years going back and forth with constant paranoia and trying never to lose sight of our pencils and checking for sabotage when we did happen to forget.

It's best to use a mechanical pencil because it's easiest to break off multiple pieces of lead deep inside the eraser. Simply stab the lead (sticking out the tip of the mechanical pencil) into your victim's eraser and then break off the lead. Do this multiple times for greater effect. You may want to lightly erase to remove the tell-tale signs of lead-injection.

* We called computer science class "computron" as a geeky slang, I think in reference to the "Talking Computron" kids computer and not the transformer robot toy or any of the other possible definitions.

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PhysX SDK Error 
I ran into a pretty silly error with the Ageia / Nvidia's PhysX SDK recently. The PhysX documentation didn't cover the problem (at least that I found) and searching relevant terms on Google didn't drum up the answer either. Therefore, I will throw this up on my blog to possibly benefit others.

If you get a NXCE_PHYSX_NOT_FOUND error when trying to run PhysX examples after installing the SDK, then the problem is most likely that you don't have the runtime drivers installed. For some reason, the runtime files aren't included in the SDK installer (like most SDKs that I have used before).

For instance if you install PhysX_2.7.3_SDK_Core.exe, you will also need to install PhysX_7.11.13_SystemSoftware.exe. Similarly, PhysX_2.8.0_SDK_Core.msi needs PhysX_8.02.13_SystemSoftware.exe.

There may be other ways to get the above error. For instance, some people seem to experience installer problems that fail on DLL registration or registry changes. These reports led me on a wild goose chase. :)

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Eyes 
Is it just me or does Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have really seedy eyes?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Eyes

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