Seeking the opportunity to provide key contributions to software development projects that will offer diverse work experience and utilize my computer science background.


2006 - 2016 (part-time enrollment) Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Studied Human Computer Interaction with a focus on auditory display
  • Thesis Title: Push and Pull Menus for Auditory Interfaces
  • Advised by: Dr. Bruce Walker

1999 - 2001 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

Master of Science in Computer Science (awarded FastTrack Scholarship)
GPA: 3.9/4.0
  • Focus on Graphics and Virtual Environments
  • Masters Project: Developed virtual environment for treating fear of public speaking
  • Supervised construction of Georgia Tech's second NAVE (large format stereoscopic display)
  • Demonstrated VR technology on behalf of the Science Coalition to participating United States Senators and staff members in Washington, D.C.
  • Coauthor on SIGGRAPH poster for work on the NAVE
  • Presented poster at ICAD2000 for audio work on the NAVE

1995-1999 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Highest Honor (GPA: 3.6/4.0)
  • Specialized in Graphics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Senior Research Project: Developed a Networked Micro-gravity Combat Simulator using the Unreal Engine


August 2001 - present Interactive Media Technology Center and Biomedical Interactive Technology Center, GA Tech Atlanta, GA
Research Scientist
  • Promoted to Research Scientist II and Senior Research Scientist
  • Co-instructor for Video Game Design
  • Co-developed seat pressure monitoring system for studying skin health of wheelchair users, which resulted in patent (see publications.)
  • Automated wireless collection of pressure data using a BlackBerry 2-way pager
  • Developed web tools for displaying database of pressure data
  • Co-developed prototype universal remote control to interface with virtual elevators
  • Co-developed virtual environment for testing ideas in aiding persons with visual impairment in navigation tasks
  • Oversaw development of a wearable audio computer to aid persons with visual impairment in navigating outdoors

May 1999 - August 2001 Virtually Better, Inc. Atlanta, GA
Lead Programmer
  • Managed programming efforts
  • Developed audio and video texture scripting API
  • Extended SVE API to include driver support for Intersense and VFX trackers
  • Prepared InstallShield software packages for customers
  • Installed a VR system at Emory Children's Hospital
  • Trade show experience demonstrating products to customers
October-December 2000 Duran Duran Productions / Charmed Technologies
  • Developed software for visual effects at Duran Duran performances
  • Believed to be first use of real-time graphics at a concert venue
  • Supported software at UK performances
June - December 2000 Clayton State University Morrow, GA
Part-time Instructor
  • Taught Intro to Java Programming and Intro to UNIX
  • Developed lectures and assignments for approx. 30 students per class
September 1998 - May 1999 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Larry Hodges
  • Developed software components of the NAVE VR API (3D audio support, and stereoscopic projector support)
  • Key contributions to the design and construction of the NAVE
  • Sound design for the Tour of Santiago, Spain virtual environment
March 1998 - September 1998 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
Lab Assistant to James Oliverio, Composer in Residence & Director of GVU Audio Lab
  • Developed VR tour of proposed architectural modifications to AudioLab
  • Developed real-time streaming 3D audio demonstration application.
January 1998 - March 1998 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
College of Computing Head Lab Teaching Assistant for Intro. To Computing Class
  • Designed lab assignments for several hundred students.
  • Managed twelve lab assistants.
January 1997-January 1998 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
College of Computing Teaching Assistant for Intro. To Computing Class
  • Performance evaluation and individual teaching sessions with approximately eleven students per quarter.


Programming Languages:

ANSI C/C++, C#, Java, LISP, Pascal, Basic, Matlab, Smalltalk, Unrealscript


OpenGL, BlackBerry pager, DirectSound/3D, DirectInput, Renderman, SVE (Simple Virtual Environment Toolkit developed at Georgia Tech)

Software Tools:

MS Visual C++, Adobe Photoshop, Sound Forge, Pro Tools, 3D Studio Max, Maple, Matlab, MS Office Suite